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"Come Heed the Call"
450 Days to RI Bicentennial
12 March 2022

It is 450 days to RI Bicentennial!

In celebrating the Raffles Experience, our colleagues at the Raffles Guidance Centre (RGC) have been instrumental in catering to the mental health wellness of the Rafflesian community in RI. Set up in 2010, the RGC looks after the socio-emotional well-being of the school. The team of dedicated and professional guidance counsellors and educational psychologist provides a range of services to the school community, which includes prevention, intervention, outreach, and crisis management. The RGC also works with various stakeholders to provide the best care for every student and staff in a caring school environment.

You can check out more of what they’ve done here:

Mental Health Awareness Week: https://rafflespeerhelpers.wordpress.com/what-we-do/mhaw/

Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 Feature: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI85PMeP0XI

Peer Helpers’ Programme: https://rafflespeerhelpers.wordpress.com/

Raffles Science Symposium – Mental Health Science Strand: http://www.ri.edu.sg/raffles.../mental-health-science

RGC Newsletters: http://www.ri.edu.sg/.../latest.../-in-tags/authors/rgc...