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"Come Heed the Call"
Raffles Science Symposium 2023
12:00 PM - 12:00 AM, 02 February 2023
We are glad to be able to host the annual Raffles Science Symposium (RSS) once again. The event yesterday featured various research projects, lectures and hands-on workshops by both students and professionals.
The RSS 2023 Natural Sciences Strand was themed “Future of Hydrogen Research in Sustainability,” featuring a Keynote Address and Panel Dialogue by Professor Yeoh Lean Weng (Chief Sustainability Officer of A*STAR) and Dr Jim Lee (Assistant Manager from ISCEE, A*Star) with 300 attendees. Key highlights of the event included a symposium where 190 students presented their project posters to 79 judges from IHLs, research institutes, and school, and talks by accomplished seniors for new Year 5 students to inspire them to take on their research journey.
During the Mental Health Science Strand, students and professionals shared their thoughts and ideas about mental health. From student-generated solutions to analytical studies on mental health issues, this collaborative platform has allowed Raffles Institution and the wider community to better understand the socio-emotional issues that may affect our students. It is our hope that participants received new insights on mental health that allow them to carry out mental health initiatives in future. There were a total of 300 attendees for the event.
For the Sports Science Strand, over 100 students across Year 3 to 6 attended the event. Mr Gary Ortega highlighted RI’s commitment to raise awareness in the area of Sports Science Education in Singapore schools. In this edition, there were six workshops conducted by professionals and practitioners in the sports industry, including a session by Dr Scott Xu who is an alumni of the RJC football team. Additionally, the Year 6 E. W. Barker Institute of Sports (EWBIS) students showcased their research study in the poster gallery, conducted the sports taping workshop and also chaired various workshops.
All in all, nearly 700 students participated in the many events in RSS 2023.
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