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"Come Heed the Call"
RPA Trees Planting at Pulau Ubin
29 October 2022

The RPA rolled out its first ever tree-planting event with the aim of strengthening family bonds and helping the environment and local wildlife too.

The tree-planting activity on earlier today was the perfect reason for the whole family to get outside and bond without screens.

A total of about 60 participants, who has each donated at least $300 per tree, were among the RI parents invited to plant trees with their families at Balai Quarry on Pulau Ubin.

With the advice and assistance of NParks Singapore, our team of adults and children spent their Saturday morning digging holes with shovels, rolling young trees into dug holes, back-filling and tightening the soil, and watering the new trees!

“We’re so happy to provide families with the opportunity to form a significant connection with nature through this tree-planting event. As we strive to leave behind a green legacy, it also helps children improve their responsibility and develop a deep sense of achievement by planting trees,” said RPA chairperson Shallen Teo.

Do support Raffles Institution (RI)’s green initiative - to plant 1823 trees - as part of RI's countdown to the bicentennial celebrations in 2023. You’re welcome to make a donation of any amount here: https://www.giving.sg/campaigns/rpa1823trees